Our Philosophy
At Sauganash Center for Dental Health, we believe in providing each patient with dental care that meets the highest professional standards.

We believe in treatments that are caring and gentle, personalized and respectful, so that each patient can achieve the best dental health possible.

We believe in listening to our patients' concerns, making sure they understand their options, and providing the safest, most effective, state-of-the-art dental treatments.

We believe patients deserve a pleasant, calm and comfortable environment to make dental care as relaxed and painless as possible.

We believe patients are more important than insurance companies so we don't participate in the HMO or PPO agreements that encourage high volume, rushed schedules and the impersonal care that results.

We believe your time is valuable, thus we try hard to be on time, to avoid making you wait.

We understand that current medical knowledge recognizes that dental health is essential to overall health. The condition of your teeth does impact your overall wellbeing -- so neglected teeth can lead to other health issues.

Moreover, your general health needs to be considered as we treat your teeth and gums. We realize that we must consider more than just your teeth as we provide you with care.

We believe our patients' healthy smiles and trust are our greatest rewards.